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Walking tours in Naples

Naples, a unique city, holds the key to unravelling the secrets of the past. Over the course of three millennia, it has been home to multiple cultures, each leaving behind traces of their presence and contributing to the creation of a complex, diverse, and astonishing metropolis. As you explore the city, you'll encounter a thousand years of history, uncover memorable events, and stumble upon unsolved mysteries that continue to intrigue historians and archaeologists.

Behind every corner there isa thousand-year history, a memorable fact, an unsolved mystery;its charm between beautiful and terrible pushed Goethe to affirm that Naples was "a paradise inhabited by devils".

Naples is a city of contrasts, wonderfully complicated, which must be savored in every aspect, experienced, explored, revealed.Let yourself be guided to discover Naplesand its most hidden and exciting places by an expert who, thanks to study, passion and love for the city in which he grew up, will lead you through the alleys, squares and monuments of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Allguided tours in Naples will be conducted bylocal experts(Licensed Tourist Guides in Campania), the itineraries arecompletely customizable, so as to adapt to any need, request or special interest.

Exploring Napoli: Itineraries and In-Depth Guides

To get a sense of the complexity of Neapolitan culture and art, we propose a set of ideas to help you build a cohesive experience in Naples.

For the first-time visitors to the city, these itineraries are useful. They include a selection of places of interest that can be included in short or long itineraries, and a series of paths that can deepen the city's history, from the Greek foundation to contemporary Naples.

We are reporting on guided tours based on Neapolitan legends and myths, which are an integral part of all itineraries as they are a part of the cultural heritage of the city.

Our tours to discover Naples

Is this your first time visiting Naples? Having trouble narrowing down a place? Don'be afraid! 

 Whether it's your first time in Naples or you simply can't decide where to start, Let our experts guide you, enjoy the city through customizable private tours tailored to your needs and interests and  make your visit truly memorable.

Visite guidate al Centro storico di Napoli

Half day tour of the historic center of Naples

Thanks to our guided tours in Naples, you will discover the historic centre, a UNESCO heritage site, walking through the characteristic alleys, between narrow streets and sacred shrines, enjoy coffee in Spaccanapoli, taste the specialties of Neapolitan cuisine and pastries in the ancient Greek agora and above all enter the culture and learn about the thousand-year history of the city, visiting the Cathedral (with the Chapel of San Gennaro ), looking out onto the famous Via dei Presepi (via San Gregorio Armeno), walking along Via dei Tribunali (the ancient Decumano Massimo ), admiring the Sansevero Chapel with the extraordinary Veiled Christ and descending up to 35 meters into the Underground of Naples, until reaching the famous monastery of Santa Chiara.

Tour di mezza giornata a Napoli

Half day tour "Walking around Toledo"

Explore the historical treasures of Naples with our private walking tour. 

Walk between Via Toledo and the vibrant Quartieri Spagnoli, known for its narrow streets and authentic local atmosphere and the opportunity to visit the iconic Maradona mural, a tribute to the legendary footballer.

Visit the monumental area, featuring iconic landmarks like the Galleria Umberto, Castel Nuovo, Teatro San Carlo, Piazza del Plebiscito, Palazzo Reale, and the famous Gran Caffè Gambrinus. Experience the charm of Naples during the Belle Époque era and discover the rich cultural heritage this city has to offer. Join us  for an unforgettable travel experience.

Tour di un giorno a Napoli

Discover Naples: Day Tours for Art and Archaeology Enthusiasts

(6 hrs + lunch break)

The tour will start from the most monumental area of ​​the city, where the Galleria Umberto, the Castel Nuovo, the San Carlo Theater, the Piazza del Plebiscito, the Royal Palace and theGran Caffè Gambrinusare located, symbol of Belle Époque Naples.

From there, walking between Via Toledo and the Quartieri Spagnoli, you will reach the historical centre, a UNESCO heritage site.

Here it will be possible to walk through the characteristi calleys, enjoy coffee along the so-called Spaccanapoli, taste the specialties of Neapolitan cuisine and pastries in the ancient Greek agora and above all enter into the culture and learn about the thousand-year history of the city, visiting the Cathedral (with the Chapel of San Gennaro), overlooking the famous and characteristic Via dei Presepi (via San Gregorio Armeno), walking along Via dei Tribunali (the ancient Decumano Maximus), admiring the Sansevero Chapel with the extraordinary Veiled Christ.

Tour di un giorno a Napoli

Discover Naples' UNESCO Heritage on a Day Tour

(6 hours + lunch break)

Our guided tours offer a unique experience for art enthusiasts, archaeology lovers, and history buffs. Discover the UNESCO heritage site of the historic center, unravel mysteries, and gain a deeper understanding of Naples' fascinating past.

Come, enter into the culture, and let us guide you on a remarkable exploration of this mesmerizing city with a completely customizable tours visiting both famous landmarks and hidden gems off the beaten path.

Walk through charming alleys adorned with sacred aedicules, take a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee along the famous Spaccanapoli, taste the specialties of Neapolitan cuisine in the ancient Greek agora, be captivated by the Cathedral, especially the Chapel of San Gennaro. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture as you explore Via dei Presepi, known for its intricate nativity scenes. Wander along Via dei Tribunali, the ancient Decumano Maximus, and experience the city's historic charm. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Sansevero Chapel, home to the awe-inspiring Veiled Christ, and the Pio Monte di Misericordia, housing masterpieces by Caravaggio

Gems of Naples

With a selection of the city's most fascinating landmarks, Archeologia a Napoli allows you to create your personalized itinerary. Explore the rich history and heritage of Naples as you visit ancient ruins, historical sites, and breathtaking museums. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of this ancient city as you discover its hidden treasures. Let Archeologia a Napoli be your guide to an unforgettable journey through time.

visite guidate alla Cappella Sansevero

Guided tours of the Sansevero Chapel



The "Scrigno d'arte" wanted and designed by Prince Raimondo di Sangro , "o' Principe riavulo". A compendium of the culture of the Age of Enlightenment and a temple of Freemasonry . Apart from the famous Veiled Christ , designed by Corradini and entrusted to the mastery of  Giuseppe Sammartino , the Chapel displays a series of exceptional works within a decorative apparatus, where every detail is designed to amaze, exalt human ingenuity and communicate the thought of the Neapolitan intellectual.

Tour of San Lorenzo Maggiore. The buried Neapolis 


 Explore the magnificent Gothic church and its artistic masterpieces, marvel at the ancient Paleochristian mosaics, and uncover the ruins of Neapolis. Immerse yourself in the remnants of the Roman market and walk the streets once buried by a mudflow in the fifth century CE. Let us guide you through the captivating past of Naples, a truly enriching experience for avid history lovers.

Neapolis sotterrata
Caravaggio a Napoli

Guided tours of Pio Monte di Misericordia

One of the jewels of Naples, an institution founded in 1602 by seven Neapolitan nobles who dedicated their lives to works of mercy.

The church, with its balanced architecture, enhances the works of art present inside and in particular Caravaggio 's masterpiece the " Seven Works of Mercy ".

The picture gallery, the result of private donations, houses a collection of works and sketches by Francesco de Mura


Lapis Museum

Lapis Museum. The secrets of Pietrasanta

The complex, located at the gates of the decumanus major, includes important monuments such as the Renaissance Pontano Chapel , the oldest bell tower in Naples and the Basilica designed by Fanzago . Remains of the insulae and a domus decorated with precious mosaics are preserved. The route will end approximately 40 meters underground in the Pietrasanta quarries partly excavated during the construction of the basilica.

Guided tours of the Diocesan Museum

A museum of sacred art that collects dozens of works from all over the city, a wonderful baroque church (Donnaregina Nuova) and an extraordinary Gothic church that preserves frescoes attributed to Pietro Cavallini and the beautiful sarcophagus of Mary of Hungary created by Tino from Camaino


Museo diocesano Napoli
Visita allaTomba di Virgilio

Virgilio Mago e la Crypta Neapolitana

In front of the entrance of the magnificent Crypta Neapolitana, the tomb of Virgil was the object of an uninterrupted cult; from the first century, it was the destination of the pilgrimage of poets writers.. Finally, in 1939, near the tomb of Virgil, the mortal remains of the poet Giacomo Leopardi were relocated from the Church of San Vitale, to whom a cenotaph was dedicated that makes this place a temple of poetry.

Visite guidate a  Forcella

Forcella. Route through the lower decumanus to Porta Nolana


A walk through the ancient Forcella which will start from the Basilica of S. Giorgio Maggiore and, passing through the remains of the ducal Santa Maria a Piazza, you will visit the small Angevin church of Sant'Agrippino a Forcella. Crossing the Porta furcellensis, protected by the amulets of Virgil the sorcerer, we will see the monumental Renaissance fountains of Scapigliata and Capone. The visit will end in the baroque jewel of S. Maria Egiziaca in Forcella.

Napoli dall’alto….al basso: la Pedamentina

Tra le scalinate più suggestive di Napoli la Pedamentina merita certamente una visita per scoprire uno dei luoghi meno conosciuti della città: con i suoi 414 scalini, collega la splendida Certosa di San Martino al centro storico attraverso un percorso davvero pittoresco.

Tra orti, spazi verdi e scorci sul golfo, la scalinata fu costruita a partire dal XIV secolo, per il trasporto dei materiali necessari alla costruzione della Certosa di San Martino.

Visite guidate alla Pedamentina
Visite guidate alla Villa Floridiana

Vomero - Elena Ferrante Tour

One of our highlights is the Elena Ferrante Tour Vomero. Follow in the footsteps of Elena Ferrante's beloved characters and explore the enchanting district of Vomero. Visit the iconic locations described in her novels, such as the Piazza Vanvitelli and the beautiful Villa Floridiana. Let our knowledgeable guides bring the stories to life as you delve into the rich history and culture of this vibrant neighborhood. 

The history of the Villa Floridiana is intimately linked to King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon and his second wife, Lucia Migliaccio di Partanna, Duchess of Floridia.She chose the green Vomero hill for her summer residence, located in a dominant position over the city..

The visit will begin in the sumptuous park of the Villa and will then continue inside the Villa, which has housed theDuca di Martina Museum, one of the largest Italian collections of decorative arts, since 1931.

History of Naples

Naples is an ancient city with a cosmopolitan charm that has been captivating visitors for centuries. At Archeologia a Napoli, we offer a series of itineraries that span the history of Naples from its Greek origins to the present day. Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse heritage of this fascinating city as you explore its ancient ruins, medieval castles, and vibrant neighborhoods. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply curious about the past, our guided tours will take you on a journey through time, revealing the layers of history that make Naples truly unique.

Visite guidate di Napoli archeologica

Naples “Above and below”: The Archaeology of Neapolis

Route: piazza Bellini (entrance to the ancient city), via del Sole (the acropolis), la Pietrasanta Undergrpound path), via S. Paolo (Roman theater of Neapolis), via Anticaglia, piazza S. Gaetano, The complex and Roman ruins of S. Lorenzo Maggiore. The Roman market and walk the streets once buried by a mudflow in the fifth century CE. 

visite guidate alla Napoli medievale

Napoli Medievale. Lo splendore dei “secoli bui”

Itinerario alla scoperta della storia di Napoli dall’età tardo antica al basso medioevo sarà dedicato alle importanti basiliche di San Severo, Santa Restituta con il battistero di San Giovanni in Fonte e San Lorenzo. Ripercorreremo la storia di una Napoli poco nota, seguendo le tracce dei primi Cristiani attraverso i monumenti fino allo splendore della Napoli trecentesca.

Donnaregina Vecchia

Napoli Medievale. Arte, bellezza e potere

L'itinerario dedicato alla Napoli Medievale e allo splendore dei cosiddetti "secoli bui" toccherà le chiese di San Giovanni a Carbonara e Donnaregina Vecchia.

 I due complessi, tra i più suggestivi di Napoli, mostrano cicli d'affreschi eccezionalmente conservati e le monumentali tombe di Maria d'Ungheria moglie di Carlo II d'Angiò e Ladislao di Durazzo.

Napoli rinascimentale

La visita partirà dal Corpo di Napoli per andare a Palazzo Carafa, fondato nel XV secolo da Diomede Carafa per ospitare le antichità rinvenute in città. Discendendo la collina, si visiterà il largo San Giovanni Maggiore, dove sorge Cappella Pappacoda, un unicum, con forme tipiche dell’arte gotica-durazzesca. Attraverso i Banchi Nuovi, dove sorge Palazzo Penne  (1406), giungeremo al complesso di Santa Maria La Nova, un vero scrigno di storia, di arte e di religiosità.

visite guidate alla Napoli rinascimentale
visite guidate alla Napoli barocca

Naples, Caravaggio and the Baroque. Genius, madness and theatre

The itinerary will take place in the area of the Cathedral of Naples and will involve the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, the spire dedicated to the patron saint of Naples and the complex of the Pio Monte della Misericordia. Visiting the masterpieces of Neapolitan Baroque art and the absolute genius of Caravaggio is a visit that will leave you with a sense of wonder.

We will visit the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, and the Pio Monte della Misercordia (church and Quadreria)

The Royal Palace of Naples

An itinerary inside the rich residence of the Bourbons among extraordinary architecture, luxury furnishings, objects of art and court life. The viceregal palace built by Domenico Fontana and from 1734, with Carlo di Borbone, became a royal Bourbon residence that was renovated during the Bourbon domination calling to court internationally renowned artists and architects.

visite guidate alla Napoli borbonica
Il Novecento a Napoli

Il 900 a Napoli. Il Rione Carità

Negli Anni Trenta del secolo scorso, nel cuore della città antica sorse una cittadella-amministrativo finanziaria, caratterizzata da alcuni edifici di grande valore architettonico. Si tratta, soprattutto, di una testimonianza della politica di omologazione nazionale voluta dal regime fascista, che diede vita alle ultime forme di architettura monumentale a Napoli.

Tra gli edifici più interessanti vi è senz'altro il Palazzo delle Poste di G. Vaccaro e G. Franzi, che rinunciando ad ogni accademismo si innesta nel paesaggio urbano andando ad inglobare parti di un più antico edificio fondendo monumentalità e modernità.

visite guidate alla Napoli medievale

Medieval Naples. The origins of a Capital

The path dedicated to medieval Naples embraces the market area and Forcella. It will start from Campo Moricino, the scene of the bloody execution of Corradino di Svevia, became the Great Forum or "Mercato Nuovo" in the early years of the Angevin domination. It is a testimony of the maritime and merchant vocation of Naples,

the most important city of the Mezzogiorno, the political, social and economic centre of an international kingdom.

visite guidate alla Napoli medievale

Naple and Renaissance

From civil to religious architecture.

Starting from Piazza del Gesù we will admire two buildings with a rusticated façade: Palazzo Sanseverino, now Chiesa del Gesù and Palazzo Gravina, a major example of Renaissance architecture in Naples. We will continue towards the church of Sant'Anna dei Lombardi also known as Santa Maria di Monteoliveto. The complex is a happy union between the Neapolitan and Tuscan Renaissance, a sign of the great cultural osmosis that was created in those years between the Aragonese and the Medici courts. In addition to the many works in the church, the sacristy, once the refectory of the friars, is frescoed by Giorgio Vasari between 1544 and 1545.

visite guidate alla Napoli barocca

Mirabilia": Baroque in Naples

The chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, the spire of San Gennaro, the church of the Gerolamini, Piazza San Gaetano, the cloister of S. Gregorio Armeno, the church of S. Gregorio Armeno (S. Patrizia), S. Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio in Arco.

visite guidate alla Napoli borbonica

The Naples of the nineteenth century

The itinerary will start from Piazza del Plebiscito, where stands the magnificent church of San Francesco di Paola, ex voto of Ferdinando I upon his return after the restoration.
You will pass by the famous Gran Caffè Gambrinus with a short walk through the elegant Chiaja Bridge and then reach via Toledo, visit the Galleria Umberto and admire the facade of the Teatro San Carlo, expertly rebuilt by Antonio Niccolini in neoclassical shapes. The itinerary will end with a visit to the Gallerie d'Italia at Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, where works by painters from the eighteenth to the twentieth century are exhibited.

Legends of Naples

Naples' cultural, historical, and urban texture includes myth, legend, and the interlacing of sacred and profane folklore and superstition. Legendary stories come along with every itinerary and are enhanced by the places, colors, and smells of Naples, making walking in Naples a magical experience.

Naples. Tales and Legends

A historical-legendary path between symphonies carved in stone, demonic presences, evil eye, anecdotes, curiosities, "stones and pertuses", Janare (whitches), devils, apparitions, ghosts and the inevitable figure of the "Prince Devil" Raimondo de Sangro Prince of Sansevero.

visite guidate alla Napoli barocca

Naples, esotericism and mystery

A morning of myths, legends, beauty and wonder. Baroque apparatuses, square festivals, ghosts and palaces of extraordinary beauty. A journey through the ancient heart of Naples between folklore and anthropology, religiosity and superstition, esotericism and mystery that will end with a visit to the Sansevero Chapel. A noble mausoleum that contains in its extraordinary decorative apparatus the multifaceted personality of its genius creator Raimondo di Sangro, seventh prince of Sansevero.

Alla ricerca di Partenope

The roots of Neapolis... in search of the Siren Parthenope

Parthenope has no tomb... She lives, beautiful, young and beautiful... She still runs on the hills, she wanders on the beach, she faces the volcano, she wanders into the valleys. It is she who makes our city drunk with light and crowds of colors."

We will start from the Greek walls of Piazza Bellini and follow the path of the ancient walls of which we will meet several sections. We will pass by Via Mezzocannone, the body of Naples, San Marcellino, the Basilica of Saints Severino and Sossio until we reach the suggestive Fontana Spinacorona, better known as "Fontana delle zizze", where the archaic Sirena extinguishes the flames of Vesuvius.


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