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Archaeology in Naples - Tours guided by local experts

Archaeology in Naples 

Archeologia a Napoli (Archaeology in Naples) is a project funded in 2013 by the archaeologist Ivan Varriale  with the aim to improve knowledge, to promote Campania's exceptional cultural heritage and to finance independent research projects in the sector of Cultural Heritage.

Archeologia a Napoli is a project carried out by a team of heritage professionals, licensed to practice the profession of tourist guide. Continuous work in the region, carried out by specialized archaeologists and art historians, brings tourists, citizens, travelers and anyone who wants to learn about Naples and its wonderful surroundings, to discover the most significant monumental sites, many of which are outside the usual touristic circuits.

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Tempio di Nettuno2
Ercolano FE
Tomba del Tuffatore
Casa dei Vetti

Tours on the Bay of Naples

The highest accuracy in the preparation of the itineraries, the professional experience and the passion of the team members make the guided tours suitable for everyone and ideal for a particularly curious and demanding audience.

The excursions are fully adaptable to different needs and include the most important sites in Campania such as Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabiae, Caserta, Paestum and the amazing Campi Flegrei. In Naples, the offer includes more than twenty itineraries. Routes to discover the city center as well as the museums with many interesting art treasures.

Furthermore, through careful selection, Archeologia a Napoli offers its visitors a constantly updated overview of the cultural events and exhibitions of the city of Naples, increasingly more closely connected with the international cultural offer.

Archaeology in Naples offers top quality itineraries for the discovery of the Bay of Naples through guided walks by experts who live and practice archaeology daily, with enjoyable strolls among the beauty of this extraordinary land.


Archaeology and Culural Turism

We offer a vast array of services dedicated to the design, project management, implementation and development of the archaeological and cultural heritage and can ensure a service delivered to the highest standard.

  • Preventive Archaeology, Survey, landscape and urban archaeology
  • excavation
  • Archaeological assessments
  • Filing of sites and artifacts
  • Archaeological drawing and photogrammetry
  • Expertise 
  • Didactic (Courses, workshop, stages - lectures )
  • Disclosure (editorial  project)
  • Book editing (editing, iconographic research)
  • Official guide in Campania


I was born and grow up in Naples.
I'm professional archeologist, member in several scientific projects and excavations in Pompeii since 1997; most recently serving as scientific director of excavation and restoration projects linked to the Major Project Pompeii and, actually, I'm member of the Venus Pompeiana Project and scientific director of the Lapis Museum.
Although I was in a lot foreign countries to work, I always wanted to come back and rooting myself in Naples. Now, I live in the hearth of Naples and, joyfully, combine my work with guide profession, I lead tour since 2011.
It is fantastic, because the passion for my work and for my hometown push me to give the best in the dissemination of the incredible cultural heritage of the bay of Naples, using my knowledge and my enthusiasm to give to my guests an unforgettable experience


Ivan Varriale

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Ivan Varriale
Archeologia a Napoli. Servizi per l'Archeologia e per il Turismo culturale
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